The Mesabi Range Foundation’s mission is simple – we support the Minnesota North College – Mesabi Range Campuses (Virginia and Eveleth) in the work it does to provide an extraordinary education to our students!

The Foundation, incorporated in 1970, has a rich tradition of supporting the efforts of Mesabi Range Campuses through: scholarships; conveying in-kind donations of physical assets, equipment, technology to various programs; and acting as a fiscal sponsor for grants.

Since its inception, the Foundation has disbursed over $2.8 million in tuition support to over 5,100 students! The Foundation is incorporated under the statutes of the State of Minnesota, classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under IRS guidelines, and operates with the sanction of the Minnesota State System. Thus, all gifts are tax deductible!

In these times of raising tuition costs and decreasing state aid, the Foundation’s role is more important than ever in helping Mesabi Range “Lead the Way!” Join us in helping Mesabi Range deliver on its mission of extraordinary education.

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Mission & Vision

The Foundation will assist Mesabi Range Campuses in promoting extraordinary education of the highest value and affordable opportunities for those in our communities. We will provide qualified students financial support through our scholarships made possible by our generous donors. We will assist the college campuses in various projects that improve and enhance the college and offer support to partners who meet the workforce and community needs.

Scholarship Opportunities 

The Mesabi Range Foundation scholarship application is available online! With one simple electronic application, Mesabi Range students can apply for any of the 60+ scholarship awards facilitated by the Foundation. CLICK HERE, or click on SCHOLARSHIPS at the top of the page in the menu to apply.

CLICK HERE FOR OUR –Mesabi Foundation – List of Scholarships – 2024-25

The scholarship application will open February 1, 2024 and close on April 1, 2024.

If you need assistance with your scholarship application, or you have questions, contact Scott Wirtanen at 218-550-2519 or foundation-mesabirange@minnesotanorth.edu.

Foundation Newsletters

The Foundation publishes two Newsletters each year.  The Newsletters are full of things happening on campus, as well as updates from the Foundation and Campus Offices.  Recent Newsletters are listed below:

September 2023
February 2024

We’d love to send you the Newsletter!  Please send us your email address and/or mailing address via one of the following methods and we will send you the Mesabi Range Foundation Newsletter:

Mail: 1001 West Chestnut Street, Virginia, MN 55792
Phone: 218-550-2519

Email: foundation-mesabirange@minnesotanorth.edu

Contact Us

Board of Directors
Sue Medure – President
Luke Chopp – Vice President
Gary Picek – Secretary
Elizabeth Pluskwik – Treasurer
Annie Bachschneider-Perkio
Brenda Kochevar
Mark Muhich
Kim Pittman
Sue Long
Gary Cerkvenik
John Klarich
Jodi Pontinen – Ex-Officio Member
Mary Gorman – Ex-Officio Member
Tom Inforzato – Ex-Officio Member

Scott Wirtanen, Foundation Coordinator
Mesabi Range Campus Foundation
1001 Chestnut Street West
Virginia, MN 55792